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Emerald Ash Borer

Stop ash borers dead in their tracks.

The Emerald Ash borer (EAB) is an introduced species which has destroyed millions of street, landscape and woodlot trees across North America. This invasive insect has had significant impact on the Ash (Fraxinus) tree populations.

What was once a nuisance is now a full-blown pest. This invasive insect can completely devastate Ash trees. (Note: EAB is a species-specific forest pest).

The key to protecting your trees from ash borer is through early detection of symptoms. Symptoms include:

  • The “crown,” or the top half of a tree, dying out before the rest of the tree.
  • New growth at the base of the trunk — otherwise known as “epicormic sprouting,” this occurs when a tree is infested or stressed by the ash borer. To counteract the stress, the tree attempts to grow new branches wherever it can — often just below where the borers are feeding.
  • Bark splitting — keep an eye out for larvae underneath any vertical bark splits.
  • Leaf damage and yellowing.

If you notice any of these signs and symptoms in your ash trees, give us a call. Our certified staff are ready to diagnose and treat these issues. Safe, environmentally-friendly treatment options typically involve an injection rather than any sort of spraying.

With Columbia, you’ll have access to...

  • Early detection & proper diagnosis
  • Early treatment options
  • Safe removal
Thanks for the excellent work. Truly appreciate the professionalism.

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